June 9, 2014

Originally produced and published by Lauren McCoy of NBC33 News on Friday, June 6, 2014. You can watch the video HERE.

BATON ROUGE, LA (NBC33) — Six days into hurricane season, and things are calm right now, but some LSU researchers are working on evacuation plans.

"As unfortunate as we've been here in Louisiana to go through what we have with several big storms and those evacuations, it's given us a great chance to learn and to improve," said Brian Wolshon, the director of the LSU Transportation Lab in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

Like a lot of Louisianians, Brian Wolshon has gone through several hurricanes, and for 20 years, he's been working to help make evacuating less of a hassle.

"Some of these things we try to anticipate in advance, and some of them we kind of learn the hard way, unfortunately," Wolshon said.

But Wolshon said, it's a learning experience.

"Back in 1998, a lot of problems were a lot of key roads were under construction and lanes were limited," Wolshon said.

That's why Wolshon along with several other researchers are working every day to come up with plans.

"In our research, what we're doing is looking at the ways that we can better utilize the road system, and having people travel in different directions or looking at potential even bigger more catastrophic events, and how we can do that and how we can keep traffic moving and keep people safe," Wolshon explained.

But Wolshon also said there are things you can do right now to prepare.

"Certainly making sure your car is in good repair, you have good tires, that you're fueled up, and also having a place to go, knowing where to go," Wolshon said.

Wolshon said, for some people, that may sound like "common sense," but it's always a good reminder.

"Most people take it for granted, but it's always good to be aware of it and to review those things every upcoming hurricane season," Wolshon said.

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