May 30, 2013

Four College of Engineering professors were awarded research funding from the Innovation in Engineering Research Fund. The FIER was created to foster new research opportunities for LSU College of Engineering faculty with the ultimate goal of encouraging more rigorous and enhanced learning experiences for faculty and students.

The four recipients include Shengmin Guo, Marwa Hassan, Supratik Mukhopadhyay and Michael Khonsari.

The fund began in September 2007 when the Longwell Family Foundation made a philanthropic commitment of $1 million to the FIER. The fund aims to support early phase research and tech transfer, two gaps in funding for LSU College of Engineering faculty. Preference is given to proposals focused on energy and infrastructure, the two signature research areas of the College.

Dr. Shengmin Guo, mechanical and industrial engineering associate professor, was selected for his proposal entitled Ceramic Nano-whiskers Based Porous Structures from Louisiana Biomass Waste. The goal of his study is to explore the fabrication of large-scale production of silicon carbide nano-whiskers based porous structures using low-cost rice husk ashes from local Louisiana supplies that are available but underused. The structures will have very low flow resistance and high mechanical performance. Practical applications for the ceramic nano-whiskers based porous structures include diesel engine particle filters and petrochemical catalyst supports. Guo received $26,937 for his research.  

Dr. Marwa Hassan, construction management assistant professor, was selected for her proposal entitled Novel Method for Recycling of Glass Cullet in Roof Shingles to Alleviate Thermal Loads and Heat Island Effects. Her proposal will test hypotheses examining the recycling of broken waste and glass cullet, which originates from waste of bottles, food containers, broken glassware and light bulbs, among others, and its use in the manufacturing of roof shingles in order to alleviate heating and cooling loads in buildings. Results of this study will be incorporated into a Life-Cycle Assessment to determine the net environmental and economic benefits of the proposed recycling process. Hassan received $27,402 for her research.  

Dr. Michael Khonsari, mechanical and industrial engineering professor and director of the LSU Center for Rotating Machinery, was selected for his proposal Determination of Fatigue Life Degradation. His proposal aims to test a concept that, if successful, enables one to estimate the remaining life of a mechanical component subjected to multi-axial fatigue in service. Using former research done by the Center for Rotating Machinery, Khonsari proposes that it is possible to assess the current degradation stage of a material and to test the reliability of a machine. Khonsari received $24,800 for his research.

Dr. Supratik Mukhopadhyay, electrical engineering and computer science assistant professor, was selected for his proposal Commercialization of a Video Analytics System for Effective Traffic Management. His proposal will create a commercialized product that uses video analytics to enable effective traffic operations in urban areas. For example, incoming vehicles can be directed to parking spots in a lot once the video has detected that the previous occupant has left, emergency management services can provide immediate response to traffic accidents and other abnormal activities detected in real time, and traffic systems can precisely guide traffic to alternate routes in case of traffic jams. Mukhopadhyay received $25,399 for his research.  


Article written by Elise Bernard, communications intern. For more information, contact Mimi LaValle, College of Engineering, or (225) 578-5706. 

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