February 18, 2013

In response to the growing demand for highly educated and skilled engineers, LSU’s College of Engineering is helping to meet the state’s and nation’s workforce needs by graduating more than 750 students in 2012 and producing students whose starting salaries are above national averages.

With the industry demand for engineers being high but supply low, it is no surprise that starting salaries of engineering majors increased 3.9 percent from 2011 to 2012. According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers’ January 2013 Salary Survey, engineering disciplines account for six of the top 10 highest-paid majors for recent graduates.

Based on salary data engineering graduates provided to LSU Career Services, four of the CoE’s disciplines exceeded the national averages while staying on par with electrical engineering. Other disciplines taught in the CoE, but not included in the survey, include: biological, industrial and petroleum. 

The four highest-earning undergraduate LSU College of Engineering degrees include:

Discipline                    LSU Average            National Average        

Chemical                      $73,867                       $59,600                        

Mechanical                  $75,216                       $62,900                      

Civil                                $61,607                       $57,600                      

Computer Science    $66,000                       $64,400                      

"The starting salaries of those with an LSU engineering degree have consistently exceeded the national average, once again reflecting the industry's perceived value of the LSU degree,” said Rick Koubek, dean, LSU College of Engineering.

Despite the rigorous curriculum, earning an LSU engineering degree is having a significant impact on Ryckur Schuttler, petroleum engineering senior.

“Not only is earning above the national average great for my future, but I believe that it says a lot about the LSU College of Engineering,” Schuttler said. “Specifically in the petroleum department, we have a lot of company involvement in our curriculum.  This exposes students to practices and techniques we will use in our jobs. Having this experience as an undergrad gives the necessary skills we need to excel in our careers right from the start.” 

For Nicole Carter, civil engineering sophomore, hearing the recent data gave her additional incentive to work hard toward earning her degree.

"This gives me confidence that I will receive a secure job and that employers will trust in my skills and talents as an LSU engineering graduate," Carter said.


For more information, contact Cassie Thibeaux, College of Engineering, carcen6@lsu.edu or (225) 578-0092. 

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