February 7, 2013

LSU’s College of Engineering is welcoming Louisiana industry representatives along with peer researchers and scholars to engage in a highly focused collaboration on understanding the scientific and technical challenges facing the process industries involving multiphase process operations.

On Feb. 8, representatives from LSU’s College of Engineering, National Science Foundation (NSF),  Homi Bhabha National Institute in Mumbai, India, and petrochemical companies such as Dow Chemical, Shell, Total, etc. will meet on the LSU campus to address challenges in understanding multiphase flow processes to achieve process innovation in chemical, oil and gas, petroleum and bio-process industries.

The academic and industry collaboration intends to address multiple concerns facing the state’s industry leaders, including how to train the next generation of engineers and bring innovation to the chemical process industries using Advanced Simulation Based Engineering and Science.

This new initiative aims to understand current industrial applications and work to improve the equipment design and process operations in chemical, energy, environmental, petroleum, mineral, pharmaceutical and food processing industries involving complex flows spanning across multiphase reactors, turbulent and non-Newtonian flow regimes in real process systems using advanced simulations coupled with proper pilot/field scale validation studies.

Organized by the founding members of the Research Cluster on Multiphase Processes at LSU, the event will identify the structures and functions of a group of researchers that will engage the local process industries in a variety of ways to bring economic value by bringing innovations to traditional process operations using advanced computer based simulation tools. 

For more information on the new research cluster, contact K. Nandakumar, PhD, FCAE, FCIC, FEIC Gordon A & Mary Cain Endowed Chair Professor Cain Department of Chemical Engineering Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA, 70810, nandakumar@lsu.edu, cell: 225-278-7174, office: 225-578-2361, or click here

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