August 13, 2012

From helping to design the “perfect assembly line” to recreating software programs, LSU College of Engineering students are gaining hands-on experience whether through internships, co-op’s or REU’s and learning how to work as a member of a team in a professional environment and apply concepts that they’ve learned in class.             

Industrial engineering graduate student Manoj Prabhu Sampath Kumar is a Six Sigma Intern for NACCO Materials Handling Group working to implement lean and DMAIC principles on an assembly line in attempts to perfect the line. Sampath Kumar hopes to increase the efficiency of this assembly line and make it a benchmark for others in the plant. Kumar’s favorite part of the project is getting to drive the different kinds of forklifts that the company manufactures.

“It was fun to see how the products that we were manufacturing worked in real time,” Kumar said.

Soha Khazaeli, engineering science doctoral student, is a software developer for Cyrious Software Company. Khazaeli is working to convert one of the company’s software products to a new version. 

“I really enjoy the work and when I can solve a problem or learn something new,” Khazaeli said.

As her first job in the U.S., everything is new for Khazaeli, and she has learned many new things about working as a member of a team in a professional environment.

National Science Foundation Pratt Fellow at Duke University’s Pratt School of Engineering Sharis Steib is a rising biological engineering senior helping to conduct research in the Reichert Biomedical Engineering lab. Steib attends weekly seminars and will be expected to give a final presentation at the culmination of the program. 

“Completing a REU at another university or in another country is a wonderful experience that I would encourage anyone to pursue,” she said. “Extending yourself to places outside of your norm physically often results in some sort of expansion mentally.”

Steib’s favorite part has been networking and conducting research with students from universities all over the country. 

“I have always been a person that appreciates multiplicity,” she said. “This program has exposed me to diversity in research fields, regional experiences, university teaching tactics and many other areas.” 

Mechanical engineering graduate student Siddharth Sharma is working as a development engineer for Siemens Industry, Inc. He has been exposed to a variety of projects such as Rotor Dynamic Analysis of motors using VarFEM software, Trim Balancing of motors and designing a heat shield for motors on SolidEdge software.

“My work is dynamic and is based upon the demands of ongoing projects,” Sharma said. “Sometimes I am at my desk designing a heat shield for the whole day and sometimes I am working on the shop floor running tests.”

Sharma said he has gained industrial experience and enjoys seeing a manufactured product that he designed using a software program at his/her desk.  

The only drawback – Sharma wishes there could be LSU lakes around his company’s campus!


Article written by Elise Bernard, communications intern. For more information, contact Cassie Arceneaux, College of Engineering, or (225) 578-0092.    

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