July 16, 2012

Demand and Need for LSU engineering and construction management degrees amplifies nationally for students and the workforce

The student demand for an engineering degree and the workforce need for more engineers are exemplified in LSU College of Engineering’s latest national enrollment rankings. The newly released 2012 edition of Profiles of Engineering & Engineering Technology Colleges, American Society of Engineering Education (ASEE), placed LSU’s College of Engineering as top eight percent in the country for number of degrees awarded, out of 348 schools.

ASEE annually publishes the leading data on engineering colleges in the United States including both individual college statistics and national trends.

A strong focus of a state’s Flagship University is to raise the rank and profile of LSU among peer institutions nationwide, and the College of Engineering (CoE) exemplifies that charge. These improvements mark steps toward achieving the goals of the LSU College of Engineering five-year strategic plan to improve lives, transform Louisiana and change the world.

“These higher rankings are proven evidence of the impact the Flagship College of Engineering Program has on the state and is now respected nationally,” said LSU Chancellor Mike Martin. “LSU is now in the top eight percent in the nation with regard to enrolling and graduating bachelor degree students from the College of Engineering, and that’s a remarkable accomplishment.”

The College progressed to the top eight percent nationally in both enrollment and degrees conferred, CoE was ranked 26th nationally in the number of undergraduate students enrolled out of 343 schools reporting and 30th nationally in the number of undergraduate degrees granted out of 348 schools reporting.

“Proof is not only exemplified with this national status, but also through the students and alumni who epitomize the “LSU Engineer” through their success and through the industries who continually recruit the best engineering and construction management graduates for employment,” said Dean Rick Koubek.

In addition, the LSU Chemical Engineering program ranked number 25 out of 159 schools for bachelor degrees conferred and the Electrical Engineering discipline was placed at number 49 out of 256 schools reporting.

The global reach of LSU’s College of Engineering is evident as it now ranks 7th nationally in the number of doctoral degrees awarded to international students, placing it in the top seven percent of 105 Engineering Colleges in the U.S. LSU’s CoE also recognizes the value that diversity and inclusiveness brings to not only the educational experience of students, but to the overall engineering community and its future. In the area of the College’s commitment to diversity, LSU now ranks 10th nationally in the number of doctoral degrees awarded to women, out of 105 schools reporting.  

The tradition of excellence in the LSU College of Engineering is continuous from commencement to commencement. As the alma mater of more than half of engineering and construction management graduates in the state of Louisiana, the LSU College of Engineering demands the best from its students in order to prepare them to continue building this great state. 

For more information about LSU’s College of Engineering, visit www.eng.lsu.edu.


For more information, contact Mimi LaValle, College of Engineering, mlavall@lsu.edu or (225) 578-5706.

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