May 25, 2012

Members of the media may be interested in contacting LSU experts for comment or analysis throughout the 2012 hurricane season.

LSU’s faculty study all aspects of risks associated with living in the coastal zone, and their areas of expertise include evacuation and emergency preparation; waves, wind and storm surge; water and environmental issues; and coastal land loss.

*This list is not meant to be comprehensive. For more information on LSU researchers, please visit or contact Ashley Berthelot at or 225-578-3870 or Zac Lemoine at or 225-578-1399.

Below are experts from the College of Engineering. 

Storms/Climatology/Coastal Modeling

  • Q. Jim Chen, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, College of Engineering
    Area of expertise: coastal engineering, prediction of storm surge and ocean waves, numerical modeling of costal processes, design of coastal structures
  • John Pardue, director, Louisiana Water Resources Research Institute
    Area of expertise: Pardue’s research interests include the fate and transport of chemical contaminants during hurricanes; passively treating groundwater contaminated with chlorinated solvents in treatment wetlands; environmental impacts; and investigating the uptake of desorption-resistant organic contaminants by wetland plants. 

Structural Engineering

  • Michele Barbato, assistant professor, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
    Area of expertise: structural engineering and dynamics
  • Steve Cai, assistant professor, civil & environmental engineering
    Area of expertise: bridge engineering, wind engineering, structural dynamics, structural performance evaluation and rehabilitation
  • Dimitris Nikitopoulos, professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering
    Area of expertise: Nikitopoulos studies fluid-structure interaction and wind-tunnel measurement and testing techniques.
  • Ayman Okeil, associate professor, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, College of Engineering
    Area of expertise: bridge engineering, structural reliability, behavior of concrete structures. 

Disaster Preparation/Management

  • Carol Friedland, Assistant Professor, Department of Construction Management & Industrial Engineering, College of Engineering
    Areas of expertise: Hurricane wind and storm surge damage assessment, vulnerability assessments, damage modeling, applications of remote sensing for hurricane damage detection, structural engineering


  • Brian Wolshon, director, LSU Transportation Lab, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, LSU College of Engineering
    Area of expertise: Wolshon studies issues relating to hurricane evacuations and major-event traffic scenarios. His recent projects have included the testing and evaluation of intelligent transportation systems and traffic-flow analysis, with particular emphasis in application for hurricane evacuation.


Information excerpted from release by LSU Media Relations. Click here for theh full list of experts. 

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