May 2, 2012

Students represented the College of Engineering well at the sixth annual LSU Digital Media Festival with three first place winners, one student placing third and one student winning the audience choice award.

Naser Imran Hossain, mechanical engineering graduate student, claimed the top prize in the photography category, the largest category, for his photograph The Happy Trio. Hossain received $250 credit for Canvaspress, a website specializing in art prints and framing, as his prize.

“Right now, I don’t have anything to print but, I’m planning on printing a few of my favorite photographs and giving them away to my sisters in the coming days,” Hossain said.

The Happy Trio captures the emotions of a single father and his two daughters looking towards the sky in the city of Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.

Aaron McDonald, mechanical engineering senior, took third in the photography category for his photograph Tractor. McDonald said that he just stumbled upon the tractor in the picture. He took the photograph while on winter break in Clark County, Nev., where his mother lives.

McDonald taught himself how to excel in photography, as it only started out as a hobby. McDonald now focuses on artistic photography and has started a Facebook page to sell his prints.

Hossain’s and McDonald’s engineering backgrounds are more helpful to their photography than one would think.

“I realized there’s as much science to (photography) as there’s arts,” Hossain said. “There are many technical terms in photography, mostly related to composition, framing and lights, that I thought my engineering background helped me understand better, or perhaps quicker than people from other backgrounds.”

“Having a background in engineering has helped me know how a camera reacts so that I can manipulate it to get what I want,” McDonald added.

Mechanical Engineering freshman Glen Cooper won the Audience Choice Award, and a $250 gift card. Cooper created a University High 2011 football highlight video.

“I really didn’t expect to win,” Cooper said. “I was up against all 121 contestants, and everybody did something different.”

The Audience Choice Award is awarded to the project throughout all categories that received the most votes on the festival’s website.

Mechanical engineers Timothy Thibodeaux and Ryan Al-Marhoun won first place in the Technical and Scientific category for their video project, “Simulated Flow Through Porous Media.”  Thibodeaux and Al-Marhoun were awarded $350 gift cards to B&H EDU Advantage, an online store selling media equipment. Their video shows the result of a Finite Element model of fluid flow through porous sandstone.

All winning projects can be viewed at


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