April 9, 2012

Balancing work and school can be stressful and challenging for LSU students. Thanks to the generosity of a chemical engineering alumnus, 25 students in the College of Engineering can focus more on achieving their goals. The William Brookshire Scholarship in Engineering rewards full-time undergraduate students in the college who have a combined work and course work schedule of 30 hours or more. This award is a testament to LSU engineering and construction management students’ hard work and academic progress.

“This scholarship is crucial in supporting my financial needs,” said Daniel Kopcso, electrical engineering junior. “Between work and school, it is very hard to pay rent, groceries, and bills while still keeping my grades up. My parents help me out as much as they can, but they have a hard enough time paying bills without worrying about me. As soon as I found out I was accepted for this scholarship, I immediately picked up the phone to call my mother and tell her the good news. The sheer satisfaction of getting to tell her I won a scholarship was incredibly gratifying, because while at the same time I was happy for myself, I was also happy to take some weight of my parents’ shoulders.”

Dr. William Brookshire graduated from the LSU College of Engineering with a master’s degree in 1959 and PhD in 1961, both in chemical engineering. He established this scholarship through the LSU Foundation because of his passion to assist College of Engineering students, particularly those who work to provide for their own education and living expenses. It is his hope that, through this scholarship, students will have the opportunity to better balance work and coursework to ensure a bright and successful future.

“Education is my passion,” said Dr. Brookshire. “I established this scholarship for working students because that’s the way I went through school. I think kids who work their way through school probably get as much education in the real world as they do through formal college training. They are much better prepared to enter the workforce, particularly those who work in their profession and start applying their skills.”

“Dr. Brookshire’s commitment to helping students is truly inspirational,” said Rick Koubek, dean, LSU College of Engineering. “I am fortunate to see the impact of his generosity on students’ lives. His support of the working student speaks to his belief in helping those who aspire to self sufficiency.” 

The 2012 scholarship recipients demonstrated their appreciation for Dr. Brookshire’s philanthropy at a recent recognition dinner where they had the opportunity to personally meet and express their gratitude for his support and establishment of the scholarship.

Shreya Mehta, an industrial engineering senior, spoke of Dr. Brookshire’s support, saying, “You have inspired me to help others, and I hope that one day I will be able to help students achieve their goals as you have helped me achieve mine.” 

The following are the 2012 recipients of the William Brookshire Scholarship in Engineering:

  • Jessica Alexander, Civil Engineering Freshman
  • Charles Arceneaux III, Mechanical Junior
  • George Barney, Electrical Engineering Sophomore
  • Bradley Bernard, Biological Engineering Sophomore
  • Jordan Boudreau, Chemical Engineering Junior
  • Ariel Carmichael, Environmental Engineering Senior
  • Niles Gillespie, Mechanical Engineering Sophomore
  • Steven Gouner, Mechanical Engineering Senior
  • Lauren Hoft, Biological Engineering Senior
  • Steven Hollander, Mechanical Engineering Junior
  • Daniel Kopsco, Electrical Engineering Junior
  • Allysson Lunos, Biological Engineering Senior
  • Jonathan Maurin, Chemical Engineering Junior
  • Lance McCann, Construction Management Senior
  • Joseph McClesky, Electrical Engineering Senior
  • Shreya Mehta, Industrial Engineering Senior
  • Tu Nguyen, Industrial Engineering Sophomore
  • Harrison Phan, Industrial Engineering Senior
  • Samuel Pitre, Mechanical Engineering Junior
  • Harsha Sirigireddy, Chemical Engineering Senior
  • Joshua Tate, Biological Engineering Senior
  • Emily Thurmon, Construction Management
  • Zachary Trine, Petroleum Engineering Senior
  • Danielle Wold, Environmental Engineering Senior
  • Yue Zhao, Mechanical Engineering Junior

In addition, Aubrey Heath was awarded the William A. Brookshire Graduate Assistantship in Chemical Engineering. This assistantship assists the LSU Cain Department of Chemical Engineering in attracting some of the best post-graduate students in the field.


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