March 7, 2012

Stuart Adams and Logan Leger are two of about 30 entrepreneurs chosen to represent Louisiana in Startup Bus, a nationwide entrepreneurial road trip to Austin, Texas.

Adams is a civil engineering doctoral student and the co-creator of Hurricakes – a hurricane-shaped, cinnamon-sugar, pull-a-part pastry with an EYEcing dessert sauce in the center.

Leger is a senior majoring in computer engineering with a minor in math and competed in the Startup Bus competition last year as the only Louisiana college student in the competition. Leger co-owns NewAperio, a Baton Rouge mobile app company.

This year’s competition marks the first that the state has its own Startup Bus. Louisiana Startup Bus entrepreneurs met on Monday and departed for a statewide tour that began on Tuesday. The team will hold an event at the Varsity Theatre at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, March 7. Six of the 10 Startup Buses will also be present in Baton Rouge for the event, and the public is invited to attend and show support for the entrepreneurs.

“This year's Startup Bus, to me, is more important than my participation last year,” Leger said. “Perhaps you can attribute last year as a warm-up, act 1, if you will. I'm glad Louisiana is finally getting recognition for the quality of the innovation and creativity happening here.”

“This is an amazing opportunity to network, acquire new skills and showcase the ingenuity of LSU students and Louisiana residents on an international level,” Adams said. “The College of Engineering strives to produce well-rounded engineers capable of advanced problem solving and superior communications skills, both which are invaluable in a high-level competition such as Startup Bus.”

Nine other buses from across the United States will meet in Austin, Texas for the South by Southwest festival March 9-10, where the top teams will present their ideas in hopes of receiving funding. On the way to Austin, the Louisiana team will split into five to seven groups. The groups will then create an idea for a startup pitch and create a website to accompany the pitch.

“I'm glad Louisiana is finally getting recognition for the quality of the innovation and creativity happening here. Our entrepreneurial scene is growing and passionate,” Leger said. “I'm excited to be a part of this and I can't wait to see how Louisiana is represented in the finals.”

For more information about the Louisiana StartupBus, visit


Article written by Eric Camardelle, communications student worker. For more information, contact Cassie Arceneaux, College of Engineering, or (225) 578-0092.

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