August 2, 2011

Recently-released 2011 edition of Profiles of Engineering & Engineering Technology Colleges, produced by American Society of Engineering Education, or ASEE, cites improvement.

Engineering is everywhere, from the cars we drive to the computers we use and the medicines we take. It is a field so pervasive that it can be taken for granted, but it is absolutely necessary to maintain our everyday lives and continue expanding technology for the future. LSU’s College of Engineering, or CoE, understands the importance of engineering for Louisiana and also for the world at large, and has been working for more than 100 years to meet and exceeds the standards of excellence set by professionals, expert boards and engineering as a whole.

“The LSU College of Engineering is dedicated to educating engineers who solve society’s problems, transform ideas into reality and generate prosperity that improves the quality of life,” said Dean of the LSU College of Engineering Richard Koubek. “At LSU, we are committed not just to producing top-notch engineers, which we do, but also to meeting the future needs of Louisiana.”  

To do so, the college developed a strategic five-year plan, unveiled in 2010, to accentuate existing strengths and actualize the potential for excellence into the realization of such goals. The five-year plan focuses on eight specific strategies, including:

  1. Preparing students for a rapidly changing, dynamic world;
  2. Conducting research to improve quality of life with a specific focus on energy and infrastructure;
  3. Fostering a culture of diversity;
  4. Improving and diversifying Louisiana’s economy;
  5. Enhancing retention and making the CoE a student-friendly learning environment;
  6. Improving the CoE’s visibility – locally, nationally and internationally;
  7. Developing diverse, entrepreneurial methods of income and financial support;
  8. Providing an environment conducive to effective decision-making.

The plan was developed through an intense process involving LSU engineering faculty, students, alumni and key stakeholders, and focuses on producing a specific type of engineer: the LSU Engineer. Traits specific to LSU Engineers include:

  • Critical and holistic thinking;
  • Life-long learners;
  • Entrepreneurial spirit;
  • Awareness of national and international implications involved in issues such as the environment and sustainability;
  • Possesses strong leadership qualities and problem-solving mechanisms.

The plan is working. The newly released 2011 edition of Profiles of Engineering & Engineering Technology Colleges, produced by the American Society of Engineering Education, or ASEE, ranked LSU CoE in the top 10 percent in the country for number of graduates. The ranking is out of 340 schools.

“Over the last century, this college has produced some of the nation’s premier engineers and construction managers who have gone on to do tremendous work at both local firms and some of the world’s largest companies,” said Koubek.

ASEE annually publishes the leading data on engineering colleges in the United States including both individual college statistics and national trends.

The college progressed to 34th nationally, up four spots, in the number of undergraduate degrees granted, placing it in the top 10 percent in the nation, out of 344 schools reporting.  It raised three spots to 24th nationally in the number of undergraduate students enrolled, placing it in the top 8 percent in the nation of 340 schools reporting. It ranks 17th in the number of engineering master’s degrees awarded to women out of 209 schools reporting.

Click here for additional details about the CoE rankings.

These rankings underscore the importance CoE places on the value that diversity and inclusiveness brings to not only the educational experience of students, but to the overall engineering community and its future.

Additionally, CoE showed improvement in the 2012 U.S. News & World Report “America’s Best Graduate Schools,” moving up four spots, from 99th to 95th in the nation. The magazine assesses more than 1,200 private and public college programs nationwide and factors these comparisons based on aspects such as peer school assessment, acceptance rigor, job placement, and assessment of the quality of faculty, research and students.

Graduates from the CoE have also consistently ranked above the national average in starting salaries for the last several years, marked by the fact that engineering students are consistently proactive in seeking work experience through internships, cooperative education (i.e., alternating semesters of school and work), volunteerism and part-time jobs. Such experiences teach real-life skills that help students develop a healthy balance of academic and professional expertise.

The tradition of excellence in the LSU College of Engineering is continuous from commencement to commencement. As the alma mater of more than half of the engineering and construction management graduates in the state of Louisiana, the LSU College of Engineering demands the best from its students in order to prepare them to continue building this great state.


Article by Ashley Berthelot, LSU Media Relations,, 225-578-3870

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