August 10, 2011

Dr. Michele Barbato, assistant professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, was awarded the 2011 European Association for Structural Dynamics (EASD) Junior Research Prize. Barbato was recognized “for his already achieved excellent scientific visibility in structural reliability and earthquake engineering.”

“It is an honor to have received this prestigious international award. This award gives me great personal satisfaction, as it recognizes my dedicated work and continuous effort toward quality research, as well as the dedicated work and quality research of my colleagues and students,” said Barbato. “It is a terrific incentive to intensify my efforts even more to contribute to engineering knowledge. I believe that this is also an important recognition of the excellent research that has been performed, and is currently being performed, in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and in the College of Engineering at LSU.”

The EASD Research Prizes are awarded once every three years to individual researchers in recognition of their outstanding and sustained contributions to Structural Dynamics in the following areas: (1) Development of Methodologies for Structural Dynamics, (2) Computational Structural Dynamics, and (3) Applications of Structural Dynamics. The prizes are awarded to researchers who are 40 years old or younger during the year the award is presented.

Professors G. Müller, executive vice-president of EASD and G.I. Schuëller, president of EASD presented the award to Dr. Barbato at the eighth International Conference on Structural Dynamics (EURODYN 2011) in Leuven, Belgium.

For additional information on the EASD Research Prizes and awardees, click here.   


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