May 26, 2011

Two years ago, Christina “Fammy” Famularo would have never imagined being a pageant girl, let alone Miss LSU-USA 2011. Although the 20-year-old has always been what she describes as a “girly girl,” the world of pageantry was unchartered water for her.

Sparked by her Zeta Tau Alpha (ZTA) sorority sisters’ suggestion that she enter last year’s Miss LSU-USA competition, Famularo decided to “give it a shot.” For the pageant novice, “giv[ing] it a shot” earned her the “Best Evening Gown” and a spot in the top ten for the 2010 competition. Her full-throttle launch into pageantry had officially begun.

Famularo knew she wanted to compete in the 2011 competition. Around Christmas of last year, she began preparing for the pageant. She monitored her diet, exercised regularly, and enlisted a political science major friend, to talk politics and current events weekly.

Famularo’s hard work paid off. Out of 23 contestants competing in the 2011 competition, she was named “Miss Congeniality” and won “Best Swimsuit,” in addition to the ultimate title.

“I was ecstatic that I won. I wanted the Miss LSU title so badly,” she said. “I worked so hard, and I knew it would give me the opportunity to do so much.”

As Miss LSU, Famularo will meet legislators and university officials and make appearances at local charitable events. She will also be presented on the field at Tiger Stadium during a football game next season. But the baseball-fanatic is most looking forward to throwing the first pitch of the LSU Tigers 2012 baseball season. 

Famularo is one of the youngest Miss LSU winners. The New Orleans native has also been told that she is the first engineering major to win the crown. Ironically, before becoming a civil engineering major, Famularo was sure she was headed in another direction – fashion.

After high school, Famularo was accepted into the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles. She was prepared to relocate, but after Hurricane Katrina hit her hometown, plans changed.

When the storm hit New Orleans in August 2005, Famularo’s initial reaction was a practical one. She questioned: How could this happen? She researched to learn more about the cause of the levee breach and flooding in the city. Her research sparked an interest in engineering, a passion she decided to pursue instead of fashion and one that she still has six years later. 

Famularo has since worked extra hard to balance her rigorous course load with pageant activities. Luckily, for her, the demanding civil engineering program works to her advantage. Her formula is simple: the busier she is, the better her grades are. For Famularo, managing her time is a lot easier when she’s involved in the community and campus organizations.

“When I don’t have anything on my plate, my grades stink,” she said, laughing. “That’s why, when I started college, I knew I had to get involved.”

Involved she is. In addition to pageant-related activities, Famularo balances civil engineering courses with her sorority’s outreach efforts and her passion for traveling. ZTA’s national philanthropy campaign is breast cancer awareness and education, and Famularo spends the majority of her spare time participating in community and campus events to promote the cause. When she’s not working with ZTA, Famularo travels as often as she can.

Looking ahead, Famularo hopes to work for an engineering firm or a construction company in New York for one year after graduation. She eagerly anticipates experiencing a different lifestyle in a new city. Then, the family-oriented Famularo wants to return to New Orleans and work for a local engineering firm. Wherever Famularo ends up, she is sure about one thing: pageants will be a mainstay in her life. 

As Miss LSU-USA 2011, the next stop in Famularo’s pageant career is the 2012 Miss Louisiana-USA pageant in October. She is thrilled about the opportunity to compete in the pageant and is committed to representing LSU and Baton Rouge to the best of her ability.

“I could not be more honored to have the opportunity to represent my university,” said Famularo. “This blessing will allow me to not only represent the top-tier stature that LSU upholds, but it will also allow me to learn from the amazing people that I will encounter throughout the next year.”


 Article by Aariel Charbonnet, College of Engineering public relations graduate assistant,

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