March 8, 2011

For Logan Leger, a journey that began last summer reached its destination when the Daily Reveille’s iPhone app debuted in the Apple Store this semester.

Leger is a junior majoring in computer engineering with a minor in math. He co-owns NewAperio, a Baton Rouge mobile app company and is a contributing writer for the Daily Reveille.

Leger has fittingly branded himself as the “Entrepreneur. Engineer. Technologist.”

“I was born an entrepreneur and have become an engineer,” said Leger. “I’ve learned that engineering is about the problem-solving process. You’re presented with a problem, and you have to develop an effective, efficient and cost-effective solution. Or, you are given a solution and have to find an optimization.”

Ellen Kennerly, Daily Reveille advisor, approached Leger with a problem – the Daily Reveille didn’t have an iPhone app.

“While most (if not all) other student media outlets have chosen to use vendors, I deemed it vital to integrate the technology and the journalism to maximize the educational opportunity,” said Kennerly.  “Logan Leger embodies that vision, as a writer for the Reveille/ and the writer/creator of the iPhone app. It’s a powerful combination.”

Like any good engineer, Leger knew he needed to observe and understand the process before he began developing the solution.

“In order to develop the app for the Reveille, I wanted to be fully integrated in the process and interact with the staff,” added Leger. He worked for three to four months to write the code for the app before sending it to Apple for testing and approval.

Even though the app made it to the Apple store, Leger is channeling his engineering spirit and already identifying ways to optimize its functionality.

“We believe we are the first to have a completely student-designed and student-created app,” said Kennerly. “We hope to continue this vision in the development and creation of new products and mobile technology.”

“At the end of the day, I’m writing code, and it’s my greatest work of art,” Leger said. “It provides me with immense self satisfaction. I become the artist whose work is being displayed in the gallery for all to see.”

The future looks bright for Leger. Chosen as one of four Baton Rougeans, and the only college student, Leger will participate in StartupBus, a nationwide entrepreneurial road trip to Austin. Leger and the other Baton Rouge participants will join strangers to develop a startup business in 48 hours – all while riding on a bus. Groups from six different destinations across the United States will meet in Austin for the annual South by Southwest festival, where the top teams will present their ideas in hopes of receiving funding. For more information about Startupbus, visit

After graduation, Leger hopes to expand New Aperio and continue to continue to couple his entrepreneurial spirit with his engineering education to create mobile apps and other “works of art.”

For more information, contact Cassie Arceneaux, LSU College of Engineering, at 225-578-0092 or

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