November 14, 2011

Andrew Reynolds, mechanical engineering senior and president of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Student Chapter at LSU, noticed that the L.R. Daniel Student Center was showing its age. He and a group of ASME students volunteered their time and resources to renew the infrastructure of the Student Center, donating financial resources out of their own ASME foundation account.

“Since I have studied mechanical engineering at LSU, I have frequently used the L. R. Daniel Student Center to complete homework and study for upcoming exams,” Reynolds said. Noticing that the chairs and tables were in declining condition, Reynolds approached the ASME students and officers last spring about renovating the Center. “They agreed that it was a great idea,” Reynolds added. 

The team spirit and proactive action to improve the quality of life of the ME student body and other students who use these resources is quite exceptional,” said Dimitris Nikitopoulos, professor and chair, LSU’s Department of Mechanical Engineering.

“I believe this project is worthwhile because it improves the facilities, specifically for the ME students and any other students who might use them as well,” Reynolds said. He believes that the new tables and chairs will make students more comfortable and promote a better studying environment in the Student Center as well as provide years of quality use.

“I have received nothing but positive responses from all of the students I have spoken too,” Reynolds said. This semester, Reynolds even rallied the ASME students to replace the chairs in the CADLAB “because they were in terrible condition as well.”

According to Nikitopoulos, the initiative of these mechanical engineering students to give back to their University in this way “speaks volumes about the ASME Student Chapter members and their leadership.”


Article written by Paige Brown, communications graduate student worker. For more information, contact Cassie Arceneaux, College of Engineering, or (225) 578-0092. 

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