September 21, 2010

Stuart Adams, an LSU doctoral student in civil engineering, was awarded a $25,000 grant as a finalist in Pepsi Refresh Project’s “Do Good for the Gulf” program.

Adams is a member of a FEMA developed a program entitled "Building a Disaster-Resistant University" to help universities implement hazard mitigation strategies in elementary and high schools.

“As a member of the team developing this plan for LSU, I have seen the value of this initiative and would like to further implement it on the K-12 level,” said Adams. “Education is a priceless resource that children in areas affected by the oil spill must use to better their lives and their communities. That said, many of the areas significantly affected by the oil spill are also susceptible to damages from hurricanes. When a school has significant damage due to a hurricane, classes can be cancelled for days, weeks, months, and even years (see Hurricane Katrina). This project will outline a hurricane-hazard mitigation plan for three southeastern Louisiana schools. The plan will then be used help reduce damage risks and thus minimize school closures following a hurricane.”

Goals of Adams’ project include

  • To minimize school closure time following hurricane events
  • To educate students on hurricane mitigation techniques
  • To produce wind and flood hazard mitigation plans for selected schools
  • To assess one elementary, middle, and high school
  • To present report to each school's students in an engaging way

Adams submitted a project budget for the $25,000 grant which accounts for:

$ 12,500 Equipment and Aerial Photography

$ 2,500 Transportation/Logistical Expenses

$ 1,500 Database Management

$ 7,500 Professional Engineer Review

$ 1,000 Print Materials

However, the budget will not cover preparation expenses or volunteers time.

The Pepsi Refresh Project announced 32 finalists for the “Do Good for the Gulf” program, in which Pepsi is doubling its commitment for one month to invest $1.3 million to fund projects in the gulf states in the wake of the BP oil leak.


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Article by Crystal Jackson, LSU College of Engineering, 225-587-5706,

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