March 10, 2010

Industrial engineering major Madie Jones of Plano, Texas has been recognized as a Cox Student Athlete of the Month. Jones, a LSU freshman volleyball player, is proving that she's a star both in the classroom and on the court.

"My roommates know me as a prankster," Jones explains, "So when they found out that I am a serious student and was named student athlete of the month, they were shocked."

Jones explains that she was a strong student athlete in high school. She challenged herself by taking AP classes and enrolling in other difficult courses at Plano West High School. While keeping her grades up was a priority, Jones knew that she wanted to play volleyball at the collegiate level, so she spent a lot of time training. She trained as an outside hitter with Skyline Juniors, a top ranked local volleyball league.

After graduating high school in May 2009, Jones moved to Baton Rouge to begin training with the volleyball team. She enrolled in two LSU summer courses in order to see if she could handle being a full time student while playing Division I volleyball. Jones ended her first semester with a grade point average of 3.53, proving that she was well prepared for life as a collegiate student-athlete.

"It feels good to be recognized for my hard work," comments Jones who found out that she had been named student athlete of the month as she was walking into the Cox Communication Center for Student Athletes building. "I walked in," she explains, "and there was my picture and a neat story about me being a good student."

Jones continues by saying that Fran Flory, head coach for the volleyball team, has high expectations for her team. She stresses how important it is for the team to excel both on and off of the volleyball court.

Jones feels that her success in the classroom and on the volleyball court is no coincidence. "If you have a good work ethic in one part of your life," Jones claims, "It transfers into the other areas. You have the same work ethic no matter what you do."

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Article excerpted from LSU Sports Net, Matt Dunaway, Associate Sports Information Director. College of Enginering information and quotes inserted by Crystal Jackson, College of Engineering Public Relations Graduate Assistant, (225) 578-5265


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