February 15, 2010

This summer a group of undergraduate students from LSU's College of Engineering will embark on the trip of a lifetime to Germany. They will learn more about the field of engineering, a new culture, and a foreign language.

The Academic Programs Abroad center is offering the E3: Encounter Engineering in Europe opportunity to take place this summer from June 26 through July 30. The students will earn six credits by either taking two engineering courses or one engineering course and a German language class.

Living in one of the most advanced engineering societies in the world will provide a large array of learning experiences for these LSU students. Germany is the homeland of many prestigious and well-known engineers. One of the most famous German engineers is Karl Benz, creator of the luxuries Mercedes Benz line of automobiles.

Nicholas Massimini, a junior industrial engineering major from Luling, La, has never been to Europe and is looking forward to the trip. "Germany is known for its engineering," explained Massimini, "It's a privilege to learn from the best. I want to learn as much as I can about engineering concepts and ideas."

The students will be doing much more than sitting in classrooms, as there will be hands on experiences and field trips. "We're going to museums, automobile plants as well as the Adidas production facility and a salt mine," said Massimini, "I'm looking forward to going on these excursions because it's something I wouldn't get to experience at home in the States."

Students will travel to numerous German cities including Bavaria, Nuremberg, Vienna, and Brannenburg. When they aren't busy spending weekends in the Alps or checking out the local museums, students can hop on the train to other European countries including Belgium, Holland, and France.

Beth Nowacki, a Dallas native studying industrial engineering and mathematics, introduced the idea of studying abroad to her father, who is also an engineer, and never dreamed that she would receive it as her Christmas present. "I'm so excited about this trip. When I first came to college, I didn't know what I wanted to do, so I just fell into engineering," says Nowacki, "Now I have a direction and goals. I love my classes and the engineering community at LSU. This study abroad program will strengthen that experience."

This will be Nowacki's first trip out of the country. "I'm looking forward to seeing all of the old historical buildings and locations and just experiencing a different culture," she commented.

Nowacki is looking forward to taking two classes to better prepare her for a career in the engineering field. "If I love Germany, I would definitely consider going back to work there after graduation," said Nowacki.

Both Massimini and Nowacki have plans to tour other European countries after finishing the E3 program.

Spring semester will end soon and these fortunate students have big plans on the other side of the world. Good luck to these engineering students and Willkommen in Deutschland! (Welcome to Germany)



Article by Crystal Jackson, Public Relations Graduate Assistant for the College of Engineering, 225-578-5706, mlavall@lsu.edu


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