July 1, 2009

Several Gordon A. and Mary Cain Chemical Engineering (ChE) faculty have recently had books published related to their research work.

CRC Press has published Computational Transport Phenomena for Engineering Analyses written by Ralph Pike, along with co-authors Richard C. Farmer, Gary C. Cheng, and Yen-Sen Chen. This graduate-level material focuses on fluid mechanics, turbulent flow, and multiphase flow, and stresses a problem-solving approach. Dr. Pike, PE, is a ChE professor, Paul M. Horton Professor of Chemical Engineering, Cain Department of Chemical Engineering William G. Reymond Endowed Professor, and director of the Minerals Processing Research Institute

James Spivey and Kerry Dooley edited Catalysis: Volume 21 released by RSC Publishing (Cambridge, UK) in 2009.This series provides systematic and detailed reviews of topics of interest to scientists and engineers in the catalysis field. Each chapter is compiled by recognized experts within their specialist fields, and provides a summary of the current literature. This series will be of interest to all those in academia and industry who need an up-to-date critical analysis and summary of catalysis research and applications. Volume 21 covers literature published during 2006. Dr. Dooley is a ChE professor, BASF Corporation Endowed Professor, and Dr. Paul M. Horton Memorial Professor. Dr. Spivey is a ChE associate professor and holder of the James M. Shivers Professorship and the Gordon A. and Mary Cain Professorship in Chemical Engineering

Kalliat Valsaraj had two books published in 2009. The first is Elements of Environmental Engineering: Thermodynamics and Kinetics, Third Edition, published by CRC Press. This is a revised and updated third edition of a bestseller. It contains new problems, an instructor's solution manual available from the web site, and new examples that better illustrate theory. New topics include green chemistry and engineering, pollution prevention, global climate change, and more.

Valsaraj's second book, published by the Oxford University Press, USA, in February 2009 is entitled Atmospheric Aerosols Characterization, Chemistry, Modeling and Climate (ACS Symposium Series). Valsaraj co-wrote this work with Raghava R. Kommalapati. It delves into how atmospheric aerosols play a large role in air pollution in urban areas and in regulating climate

Dr. Valsaraj is the Department Chair of the Gordon A. and Mary Cain Department of Chemical Engineering. He is also the Ike East Professor in Chemical Engineering, Charles and Hilda Roddey Professor in Chemical Engineering, and an adjunct professor in Civil & Environmental Engineering at LSU.


Article by Melanie D McCandless, LSU College of Engineering, Chemical Engineering Department, 225-578-3242, mmonce@lsu.edu




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