December 10, 2009

LSU College of Engineering faculty are established and recognized in their academic fields for excellence. The College's staff brings professionalism and experience in all aspects of their job responsibilities. Both faculty and staff continually strive to provide the best service for LSU's students, administration, and the general public. In 2009, the following faculty and staff were promoted, noting their title and areas of specialization (AoS).

Dr. Qin Jim Chen - Tenure, Civil & Environmental Engineering (CEE), AoS: coastal engineering, prediction of storm surge and ocean waves, numerical modeling of coastal processes, nearshore circulation and sediment transport, design of coastal structures

Dr. Anvar Gilmanov - Associate Professor-Research, Mechanical Engineering (ME), AoS: computational fluid dynamics, computational structure dynamics, and fluid-structure interaction phenomena

Dr. Bahadir Gunturk - Associate Professor with Tenure, Electrical & Computer Engineering (ECE), AoS: multimedia communications, image/video processing, computer vision, data fusion, biometrics

Dr. Shengmin Guo - Associate Professor with Tenure (ME), AoS: power systems and sustainable energy: gas turbines, IC engines and fuel cells, gas turbine film cooling, heat transfer, aerodynamics, instrumentation and experimental methods, computational fluid dynamics, multiphysics simulation

Maria Teresa Gutierrez-Wing - Sr. Post Doctoral Researcher (CEE)

Dr. Craig Harvey - Associate Professor with Tenure, Construction Management & Industrial Engineering (CMIE), AoS: usability and human factors engineering, human computer interaction, human collaboration within complex environments (e.g., medical systems, air traffic control, military C&C), commercial estimating

Sarah Jones - Coordinator- Women in Engineering, Office for Diversity Programs, AoS: science and engineering education, recruitment, retention and development of women and minority students in S.T.E.M., education and outreach programs, academic counseling

Becky Labatut - Administrative Coordinator 4 (CMIE), AoS: graduate assistantships, graduate student administration, general office administration

Mimi LaValle - Director of Communications, Office of Communications, AoS: comprehensive strategic marketing, brand-centered integrated communications, media relations

Dr. Ayman O'Keil - Associate Professor with Tenure (CEE), AoS: bridge engineering, structural reliability, behavior of concrete structures, structural strengthening using composite materials, earthquake engineering

Lee Rayner -Director of Development, Office of Development, AoS: major and transformational gifts, planned giving, annual giving, corporate and external relations, and strategic planning

Dr. Kelly Rusch - Associate Dean for Research and Diversity Programs, AoS: environmental-biofuels, aquaculture, water quality, decentralized wastewater treatment, biodegradation of bioplastics, industrial waste stabilization and reuse, engineering education

Dr. James Spivey - Full Professor, Gordon A. & Mary Cain Department of Chemical Engineering (CHE), AoS: heterogeneous catalysis applied to environmental and energy problems, kinetics and reaction engineering

Ellen Stevens - Business Manager, Energy Frontier Research Center, AoS: coordination of research proposals, administration of grants and contracts, coordination of Board of Regents Dean's Fellowship Program in Engineering, data management of COE sponsored programs

Dr. Frank Tsai - Associate Professor with Tenure (CEE), AoS: groundwater hydrology/hydraulics, contaminant fate and transport in subsurface, inverse problems, aquifer heterogeneity characterization, geostatistics, water resources system management

Dr. Warren Waggenspack - Associate Dean for Academic Programs, AoS: program development, retention and recruitment, engineering education, computer-aided geometric design

Dr. Shungqing Wei - Associate Professor with Tenure (ECE), AoS: information theory and digital communication theory and their applications in wireless communications

Dr. Chester Wilmot - Full Professor (CEE), AoS: emergency evacuation travel demand estimation, road safety research, travel survey methodology, transferability of travel demand models, prioritization procedures, and air quality research

Dr. Eyassu Woldesenbet - Full Professor (ME), AoS: composite materials, solid mechanics

Dr. P. Brian Wolshon - Full Professor (CEE), AoS: geometric highway design and traffic safety, traffic engineering and analysis, major event and emergency transportation management and operation

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Article by Mimi LaValle, LSU College of Engineering, 225-578-5706,

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