October 29, 2009

Oscar "Dub" Andras, 1957 BS in chemical engineering, has donated $200,000 to the Chemical Engineering Building Fund. Andras grew up in Baton Rouge, graduating from University High School in 1953.

When asked why he chose to attend LSU, Andras replied, "From my parents and University High School chemistry teacher, Dr. Harrison, I knew that to get a job with opportunity for growth, I had to get a college degree. From that beginning I chose ChE at LSU. Now, 52 years after graduation, I know this was one of the best decisions of my life. Through that time and many job opportunities, I kept remembering that this would not have happened if not for my degree from LSU."

A life-changing event happened in Andras' life upon his graduation from LSU: he married his childhood sweetheart, Mary Sisk, who grew up a few streets away from him. Mary attended LSU; her father owned Louie's Café on Chimes Street, a LSU landmark.

Upon completion of his degree in chemical engineering, Andras began working for Gulf Oil Company in Port Arthur, TX. Following a year at Gulf Oil, Andras reported to the US Army to complete his six-month commission in the Chemical Corps. After completing his commission, he obtained a job at Dow Chemical Company in Plaquemine, LA, where Andras rose to lead the Hydrocarbon Department on a regional and global level. He retired from Dow after 22 years of service, and then served as President and CEO of Enterprise Products Partners in Houston. After 25 years with Enterprise, Andras retired in 2005. He and his wife currently live in Houston and like to travel and spend time with their two sons and their grandchildren.

"The Department is especially grateful to Mr. Andras for his generosity," said Dr. K.T. Valsaraj, chair of the Cain Department of Chemical Engineering. "This gift will go a long way in helping make the new chemical engineering building a reality. A new building will help recruit excellent faculty and students to our department and will immensely contribute to the overall economic development of the State of Louisiana."

Regarding his generous gift to the College of Engineering, Andras said "After retirement in 2005, I felt a need to help the University. Some call it payback time. So, after a family review, we chose to contribute to the new Chemical Engineering Building Fund and know it will be a success for thousands of students."


Article by Colette Burke, LSU College of Engineering, 225-578-5704, mlavall@lsu.edu




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