January 30, 2009

In January, 2008, LSU’s first Engineering Residential College (ERC) opened on the west side of campus. The ERC offers housing for engineering students, as well as tutoring programs, course-related activity hubs and visits, presentations and review sessions from engineering advisors, and counselors and faculty. Studies conducted during the 2007-2008 school year monitored the grade point average (GPA) of freshman engineering students and compared them to those GPAs of students who chose to live on- or off-campus. Fall and spring semesters both showed that on-campus freshmen in the ERC had a higher GPA.

Additionally, those students living in the West Laville dormitory in fall 2007 had the greatest overall GPA for that semester. In Spring 2008, the new Engineering Residential College building opened and those students averaged an overall high of 3.028. Studies not only showed that freshmen that live on campus tend to have a higher GPA than those who live off campus, but also that female engineering students averaged a higher GPA than males.

Article by Mary Englehardt for the LSU College of Engineering, 225-578-5706, mlavall@lsu.edu


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