September 26, 2008

LSU celebrated the second annual Advisor Awareness Week during the week of September 22-26. This event was held to remind students about the availability of advisors and counselors and encourage students to seek advice and assistance from them. Counselors provide personal, career, and academic counseling to students.

The main event of the week was held on Wednesday, September 24 in Free Speech Alley outside the Student Union. Advisors from nearly every college on campus participated, including the College of Engineering. The College of Engineering counselors are Lisa Launey, Lisa Fontenot, Sandra Harris, and Barbara Reonas.

Reonas, the newest addition to the counseling staff, remarked on her favorite parts of the job. “I enjoy getting to help students, who are a fun group to work with, and getting to be a ‘go-between’ amongst students and the University community.”

The benefits of Advisor Awareness Week were more than just a way to learn about degree programs and academic opportunities. It allowed students to connect with advisors on a more personal level.

“Advisor Awareness Week helps to let students know who we are, why we are here, and allows us to introduce ourselves,” Reonas said.

Article by Lee Jeffrey for the LSU College of Engineering, 225-578-5706,


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