May 29, 2008

Francisco Hung, assistant professor in chemical engineering is one of only 30 winners of the Ralph E. Powe Junior Faculty Enhancements Awards from the Oak Ridge Associate Universities. The award provides a monetary award of $5,000 that will be matched by the Office of Research & Economic Development at LSU. This award will support Hung in his research efforts, while he continues to establish his research program at LSU.

Hung’s research focuses on the computational simulation of molecular-scale systems. This is a major emerging area for the chemical engineering discipline. The work proposed for the Powe award is a collaborative effort using molecular simulation to investigate the adsorption of small biological molecules on nanoporous silica supports. This work builds on Hung’s previous experience in modeling phase transitions of simple fluids in confined spaces and self assembly of composite nanoparticle/liquid crystal systems. It represents an international collaboration with researchers in Montpellier (France) which will also include experimental work to complement the molecular simulation.


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