October 19, 2007

The College of Engineering hosted its first "bridge" camp for incoming freshmen, August 12-17, 2007. The Incoming Students Engineering Experience (ISEE) is a one week residential camp in which students are exposed to various professional, academic and personal development activities. 

Academic topics provided a head start in physics, and engineering design. Personal and teamwork development activities included the “Seven Habits of Effective Teens” course, “Ropes Training” course, design competitions, a money management seminar, as well as study skills tips. The campers also attended industry dinners, information sessions and a student organization night. 

Initial response by the participants and the faculty, staff and peer mentors who assisted in leading the camp was positive. The results of the initial post activity survey of the participants indicate that the majority of students recognized the value of the activities; several expressed an interest to be a peer mentor for ISEE 2008. The overwhelming response of the participants is that they would recommend the camp to other students.  Focus groups will continue to follow up on the assessment throughout the fall semester to determine the camp’s impact and to incorporate recommendations for improvement for the ISEE 2008 camp.

The ISEE camp is just one of the new programs that the college is supporting to meet the goal of developing a community to assist students in reaching their career aspirations. More opportunities for students, as well as industry personnel, to become involved with shaping the future generation of engineers will follow.


Article by Collette Burke, LSU College of Engineering, 225-578-5706, mlavall@lsu.edu



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