October 19, 2007

Please join us in welcoming our new faculty and staff, listed below noting their areas of specialization. Also included are our friends from the LSU Agricultural Center who work with the College’s (CoE) Biological & Agricultural Department (BAE). The 2007/2008 “Faculty & Staff Areas of Specialization” directory (AoS) will be published and posted on the CoE website in November 2007.



BAE and LSU Agricultural Center


Fred E. Baker


PhD (1992), Louisiana State University

Disaster recovery, residential structural education, housing and mitigation


Hassan S. Mashriqui, P.E.

Assistant Extension Professor - Coastal Engineering

PhD (2003), Louisiana State University

Modeling of coastal and inland flooding due to hurricanes/cyclones, GIS and LIDAR technology based environmental modeling, wastewater treatment and use, pollution control, wetland ecology


Subramaniam Sathivel

Assistant Professor

PhD (2001), Louisiana State University

Food engineering and value-added food product/process development


Chemical Engineering


Michael J. Benton

Assistant Professor, Holder of the Gordon A. and Mary Cain Professorship II

PhD (2007), University of Wisconsin-Madison

Gnomics, bioengineering, metabolic engineering, biosensors


Francisco R. Hung

Jay Assistant Professor

Holder of the Gordon A. and Mary Cain Professorship I

PhD (2005), North Carolina State University

Nanoporous materials and confined systems, liquid crystals, self-and directed assembly at the nanoscale, computational modeling and molecular simulation


Civil & Environmental Engineering


Michele Barbato


MS (2005), University of California in San Diego

Modeling and analysis of structural and geotechnical systems, retrofitting and structural dynamics, earthquake engineering, random vibration theory, stochastic process modeling, computational reliability analysis, finite element response sensitivity analysis of structural and geotechnical systems 


Mostafa Eleseifi 

Assistant Professor

PhD (2003) Virginia Polytechnic and State University

Pavement modeling and design, field and laboratory characterization of asphalt mixtures


Heather Smith  


MS (2004), The Ohio State University

Coastal sediments


Construction Management & Industrial  Engineering


Marwa Hassan

Assistant Professor

PhD (2003), Virginia Tech

Sustainable construction and construction simulation


Laura Ikuma  

Assistant Professor

PhD (2007), Virginia Tech

Human factors/ergonomics, safety, musculoskeletal disorders, psychosocial factors, biomechanics, industrial engineering


Isabelina Nahmens   

Assistant Professor

PhD (2007), University of Central Florida

Quality engineering and management, lean enterprise, six sigma and process improvement, lean construction, green construction


Mechanical Engineering


Mark Brennan

Research Specialist II

BS (1995), Louisiana State University

Instructional lab support


Jack E. Helms, Jr.


PhD (1998), Louisiana State University

Mechanics of composite materials, pressure vessels, and computational mechanics


Petroleum Engineering


Mayank Tyagi

Assistant Professor

PhD (2003), Louisiana State University

Computational fluid dynamics and heat transfer, high performance computing, multiscale and multiphysics algorithms, complex and moving geometry simulations




BAE and Agricultural Center


Denise Attaway

Extension Associate

MA (2003), Louisiana State University

Public relations, media relations, news writing/reporting, editing, photography, and web page design


Sundar Balasubramanian

Research Associate

PhD (2005), North Dakota State University

Food engineering and food safety


Jeremy R. Birch

Electronics Technician

Meteorological and hydrological sensing equipment, photovoltaic design and installation, HF,VHF, and UHF communication equipment


Yin-Lin “Jack” Chiu

Research Associate Coordinator

BS (2006), Louisiana State University

LAIS coordinator


Donna T. Elisar

Administrative Program Specialist A

Personnel, purchasing, bookkeeping, inventory, verify leave tracking, and travel 


Margarita Khachaturyan

Research Associate

MS (1975), Yerevan State University

Physical and analytical chemistry


David L. Moore

Extension Associate

BA (1986) University of West Georgia

LaHouse and extension


Diane W. Scimeca

Extension Associate

BID (1994), Louisiana State University

Healthy homes educator, interior design, lighting design


Communication Across the Curriculum


Jennifer Farrell

Technical Communication Instructor

PhD (2007), Louisiana State University

CxC, technical writing and digital portfolios


Office of Development


Jessica M. Kemp

Coordinator Faculty Programs and Development 

PhD (2006), Louisiana State University

Faculty recruitment and retention, developing diversity programs


Mimi LaValle

Associate Director of Communications and Alumni Relations

BA English (1992), University of Georgia

Communications, publications, event management, and alumni relations


Lee Rayner

Associate Director of Development, BAE/CM/IE

BA (1988), Louisiana State University

Donor development for LSU CoE Departments of BAE, CM, and IE


Brenda Tate

Administrative Coordinator

BGS (1987), Louisiana State University

Administrative assistance, document formatting, software support, database administrator


Women in Engineering Program


Ginger Powe


PhD (2003), University of Mississippi

Chemistry education, recruitment and retention of women and minority students in STEM, academic counseling and higher education administration


Civil & Environmental Engineering


Julie Mueller

Administrative Coordinator 4

Graduate programs, assistantships, recruiting


Electrical & Computer  Engineering


Richard M. Capone, Jr.

Computer Manager 2

BS (2005), Louisiana State University

Embedded system design, autonomous robotics, GPS, information systems


Kerry Lee

Administrative Coordinator 3

AA in B.M. (2007), American Intercontinental University

Administration, coordination, word processing, database management 


Mechanical Engineering


Dongmei Cao

Director, Materials Characterization Center

PhD (2004), Louisiana State University

Nanocomposite materials; micro-fabrication with electrical discharge machining and compression molding; material characterization with SEM, TEM, and XPS


Don Colvin

Research Specialist, ME Shop Technician

BS (1973), Northwestern State University

Nanocomposite materials, micro-fabrication, CNC machining



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