July 24, 2006

Alan Bussard and Rohit Mishra, graduate students in the Gordon A. & Mary Cain Department of Chemical Engineering, have been selected to receive the 2006-2008 Coates Research Grant. The Coates Research Grant, which is funded by the Charles E. Coates Memorial Fund, was established to support promising doctoral research by superior graduate students in the disciplines of chemical engineering, chemistry, or physics. Four students are selected every two years to receive the award which consists of a $5,000 per year stipend.

Bussard’s research focuses on understanding the relationship between the structure and composition of heterogeneous catalysts and their performance in novel reactors for the purposes of macromolecular hydrogenations. He is pursuing his Ph.D. under the direction of Kerry Dooley.

The objective of Mishra’s research is to electrodeposit rare earth-transition metal alloy thin films and nanostructures. These alloys have unique magnetic properties and find application in magnetic, magneto-optical, and sensing devices. For the first time, these alloys were deposited as nanowires and nanotubes and his continued study will address the electrodeposition mechanism and properties of this. Rohit is pursuing his Ph.D. under the direction of Elizabeth Podlaha.

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