November 9, 2005

The College of Engineering Employee Education Award is awarded to College staff members who are furthering their education at LSU. Dean Zaki Bassiouni presented a certificate and award stipend to staff members Keith Beard (CEE/LTRC), Sait Binselam (CEE), Rhonda Blanchard (DES), Sandra Harris (Dean’s Office), Jerry Peck (ME), and Kathryn Streva (Hurricane Center), all nominated by their supervisors, with the 2005 College of Engineering Employee Education Award.

The award, created by Dean Zaki Bassiouni, is intended to encourage classified and unclassified employees to pursue undergraduate and graduate educational opportunities at LSU. Recipients of the award receive $400 and $800 for successful completion of three and six credit hours, respectively. While full-time LSU employees are eligible for a tuition exemption, the waiver does not include the required fees assessed by the University.

“The College of Engineering Employee Education Award provides our academic staff with assistance for fees, books and taxes, as well as a little lagniappe for a job well done,” said Dean Bassiouni. In order to be eligible for the award, employees must perform assigned duties on target or above as evidenced by their last employee evaluation. Additionally, courses must be in pursuit of an undergraduate or graduate degree or otherwise enhance job performance.

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