November 23, 2005

The Louisiana State Board of Regents, hosted by the LSU Foundation, presented the University with its support fund check for $4,760,000 of which $560,000 was earmarked for the College of Engineering on Monday, November 7 th at the Lod Cook Alumni Center. The Board of Regents Support Fund (BORSF) is part of the Louisiana Educational Quality Support Fund, a permanent trust fund approved by voters in a 1986 constitutional amendment. The original $540 million payment was part of a settlement between the state and federal governments over disputed off-shore oil and gas royalties; the trust fund today is nearly one billion dollars. Through the BORSF, the Board of Regents matches private donations to colleges and universities at a 40/60 rate to aid in the creation of $100,000 professorships and both one-million and two-million dollar chairs. The Board matched the remaining 40 percent of the following professorships in the College of Engineering:

  • Robert D. and Adele Anding Professorship #4
  • Donald W. Clayton Professorships in Engineering #1 and #2
  • Donald W. Clayton University Professorships in Engineering Science
  • F. H. Coughlin/CLECO Professorship in Electrical Engineering
  • Roy Paul Daniels Professorship in Engineering #1, #2, and #3
  • Ernest and Iris Eldred Professorship in Petroleum Engineering
  • Mark and Carolyn Campbell Guidry Professorship
  • Paul M. Horton Memorial Professorship
  • John E. and Beatrice L. Ritter Distinguished Professorship #2
  • Edward A. and Karen Wax Schmitt Professorship
  • Michael D. Voorhies Professorship in Electrical Engineering #5

“The Board’s generosity toward the College of Engineering is deeply appreciated and will aid in the continued academic and professional development of our students and faculty. These professorships provide our faculty the support and monetary assistance necessary for them to produce research, which will contribute to our University’s Flagship Agenda,” said Dean Zaki Bassiouni, LSU College of Engineering.

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