April 30, 2011, 8:30 am - 6:00 pm
1119 and 1121 Patrick F. Taylor Hall

The LSU Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student Conference is an annual exchange of ideas and research in different areas of Mechanical Engineering. The conference is aimed at bringing the graduate students together for a day of research presentations to foster cross-disciplinary discussions and collaborations. The opportunity to present current research in mechanical engineering is being offered to all master's and doctoral students planning to graduate in 2011.

This conference is organized by the graduate students and faculty of Mechanical Engineering Department of Louisiana State University.

Solomon Benghan (sbengh1@tigers.lsu.edu)
Guillaume Bidan (gbidan3@tigers.lsu.edu)
Avishek Guha (aguha1@tigers.lsu.edu)
Elham Maghsoudi (emaghs1@lsu.edu)
Jeong Tae Ok (jok1@tigers.lsu.edu)
Dr. Dorel Moldovan (moldovan@me.lsu.edu)
Dr. Marcio de Queiroz (dequeiroz@me.lsu.edu)
Dr. Harris Wong (hwong@lsu.edu)

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