May 27-28, 2010
LSU Mechanical Engineering

The LSU Mechanical Engineering Department Nondestructive Testing Facility and The New Orleans Section of the American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) are holding the 10th annual two-day “Hands-on NDE Workshop.” This unique workshop allows participants (technicians, engineers and other professionals) the opportunity to evaluate various types of test coupons from welded plate, pipe welds, structural members, defects in tubular and other configurations with the assistance NDE instructors. Individual guidance on all types of equipment and specimens will be available. The objective of the workshop is to improve each participant’s skills and techniques giving them the opportunity to work with equipment and test pieces they may not be familiar with. No pre-requisites for the workshop.

Dr. E. Woldesenbet,, LSU ME Nondestructive Testing Facility
Charlie Speed,, NO ASNT 504-400-7878.

1. Email Charlie Speed
2. CALL Charlie Speed at 504-400-7878
3. For more information see the New Orleans ASNT Web Page at

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