September 16, 2009, 3:00 - 4:00 pm
117 Electrical Engineering Building

A clear mind is a logical mind. This presentation may clear the mind and, in the meantime, confuse it. Not only will it elucidate the pillars of logic, which helps sharpen logical thinking, but it will also call attention to subtle logical fallacies in the hope of freeing reasoning from such problems. The presentation will emphasize probabilistic reasoning.  Puzzle over mind-boggling paradoxes rooted deeply in logic, discuss an alternative in terms of random-set theory, and briefly cover relevant developments in recent years. An attempt is made to drive home the point that a more down-to-earth logic than the existing deductive logic should be developed.


Presented by:

X. Rong Li, Ph.D., University Research Professor & Director of Information & Systems Technology Research Center, Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of New Orleans

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