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Distinguished Communicator Certification

Communication is an essential skill for everyone in all professions – including engineering. Through the LSU Distinguished Communicator Certification, students work to refine their communication skills and learn discipline-specific approaches to communication that will enable them to excel in their chosen profession. 

Candidates are required to build a digital portfolio, demonstrating proficiency in written, spoken, visual, and technological communication. They must also show successful use of their communication skills in leadership roles and community service.  Upon successful completion of the program, these students possess the competitive skills and knowledge needed for 21st century leadership.  This coveted designation becomes part of official transcripts and give the certified graduate significant leverage in today’s job market.


Explore Research Experiences for Undergraduate Students: Research Experiences for Undergraduate Students, or REUs, offer students real-world, hands-on experiences in their chosen discipline. The expertise they build in the lab setting, along with other skills they develop such as writing and communication, set REU students apart and provide a competitive advantage in their search for jobs or graduate education.

Learn more about undergraduate research opportunities offered by LSU on the LSU Office of Research & Economic Development Website.

Find Your Pathway to Science: Pathways to Science offers additional resources to help provide undergraduate research opportunities. Operated by the Institute for Broadening Participation, Pathways to Science highlights program and funding opportunities in STEM through the post-doctorate level. The site allows you to search programs and funding opportunities, read student and faculty profiles, and contact programs of interest. Search hundreds of opportunities and learn more about Pathways to Science at http://www.pathwaystoscience.org/.

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