Hall of Distinction Class of 1996-1997

William A. Callegari, Sr., born on September 23, 1941 in Cottonport, La., was the second of seven children of Jerome P. and Elnora Mayeux Callegari.  Bill's family settled down in Louisiana from Padua, Italy in the mid 1830s.

William Callegari attended St. Mary's School in his elementary years and starred in football, basketball, and track at Cottonport High School.  After graduating
as the number one male student, Bill enrolled at LSU in June 1959.  While essentially earning 100% of his education via scholarships and a heavy workload, Bill found time to run for office in the College of Engineering.  Bill was an outstanding ROTC cadet and was inducted into several honorary organizations such as Tau Beta Pi, Arnold Air Society, and Alpha Zeta.

Bill Callegari received his Bachelor's Degree in Agricultural Engineering from Louisiana State University.  He holds a Master's Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Houston and has been a Licensed Professional Engineer for almost 40 years.  In 1997, he was inducted into the LSU Engineering Hall of Distinction; in 1999, he was named to the LSU Alumni Hall of Distinction and The W.A. Callegari Environmental Center was established on the LSU campus and dedicated in his honor.  Furthermore, he was named by the University of Houston's Engineering Alumni Association as a Distinguished Alumnus in 2007.

His professional career includes his founding of AM-TEX Corporation, a firm which managed and operated water utilities for clients throughout Southeast, Central and North Texas.  In 1993, he sold AM-TEX to the fourth largest utility in the world and retired in 1995.  Currently, he owns WC Engineers, Inc., providing engineering consulting and design services for water, wastewater, and environmental industries.

Bill has served on numerous professional and civic boards and committees relating to environmental control and wastewater treatment as well as contributing to several panels and authoring articles related to water and environmental topics.  Participating as a member of the City of Houston Wastewater Regionalization Task Force, Bill also worked on the TNRCC Sewer System Design Criteria Committee and chaired the Greater Houston Builders Association Government Affairs Committee.  He was appointed as the first chairman of the Texas Water Commission's Wastewater Advisory Council and is a member of both the National and Texas Society of Professional Engineers.

Community involvement plays an important role in Bill's life and career.  As a resident of Katy, Texas, Bill served as Trustee of the Katy Independent School District in the mid-1980s, as a director of the Katy Chamber of Commerce, and currently serves as a member of his church finance council.

Bill and his wife Ann have been married for over 40 years and have four children; William Jr., Robert, Cherry, and Richard.

Bill Callegari was elected to represent District 130 during the 77th Texas State Legislature in 2000.  Redistricting placed him in the 132nd District, where he handily won re-election to his House seat, a feat he repeated in the 2006 general election.  He is now serving in his fourth term in the Texas House.

Representative Callegari was appointed as the Chairman of the Government Reform Committee and serves on the Land and Resource Management Committee.  In past sessions he served two terms as Vice-Chairman of the Natural Resources Committee as well as serving on the Calendars, Transportation, Local and Consent Calendars, Government Reform, State Recreational Resources, and Urban Affairs committees.

With an interest in water issues, the representative was soon recognized for his expertise regarding issues such as interbasin transfers and wastewater reuse to name a few.  His service continued as a member of House and Senate Study Commissions on Water for Environmental Flows.  Bill also serves as the Vice-Chairman of the House Research Organization.

Representative Callegari is proud of having authored several bills relating to such issues as the creation of the West Harris County Regional Water Authority, affordable housing Sunset legislation, and a constitutional amendment and enabling legislation allowing water districts to fund public parks.  Representative Callegari believes in the necessity of reforming our government to increase efficiency and productivity for the benefit of our society and effective use of taxpayer's money.  Furthermore, he has authored legislation to reform land use issues regarding water service (CCN legislation).  The Landowner's Bill of Rights, approved by the 80th Legislature, is a benchmark for Representative Callegari's dedication to protecting private property.  Moreover, legislation lowering appraisal caps and limiting spending at local and state levels are examples of Representative Callegari's attention to government reform.  He has also authored legislation which prevents a community college from annexing an area into its district unless it is agreed to (by voting) by taxpayers in the area to be annexed.  Representative Callegari chaired the Texas Conservative Coalition Research Institute's subcommittee on eminent domain and property rights in 2006-2007.  His experience as a Katy school board trustee in the 1980s has provided excellent insight into legislative issues relating to education. The chairman continues to introduce important government reform legislation addressing issues such as unfunded mandates, government transparency and efficiency, and removing antiquated agencies and statutes.

Most remarkable in assessing his legislative career in the House is his high rate of success in passing legislation either as separate bills or by incorporation into other enabling legislation.  With his "get down to business" attitude, Representative Bill Callegari pursues a legislative agenda in accordance with both his constituent's and the state's best interest at heart.  Representative Callegari continues to advocate governmental fiscal responsibility and private property rights through his legislation and voting record.