Hall of Distinction Class of 1982-1983

Engineers all over the world look to Sidney J. Reso as an engineer who has reached the pinnacle of success. Engineers who have succeeded even in following a similar career path are unable to match Mr. Reso's accomplishments. He clearly possesses unique capabilities that have been developed to the fullest.

Colleagues say that Sid Reso's career is distinguished by his ability to combine performing at the highest level of engineering excellence with the highest ethical standards. He is not only a gifted and resourceful engineer but a genuine human being who is a leader of the people.

Sid Reso graduated from LSU in 1957 with a B.S. degree in Petroleum Engineering. He is remembered in the College of Engineering as an intelligent student with unusual qualities of organization, curiosity, and creativity. Sid was employed upon graduation as a junior engineer by what is now called Exxon Company, U.S.A. There he experienced constant professional growth and is currently senior vice-president and a member of the Management Committee.

At Exxon, Mr. Reso worked in the Production Department, the Natural Gas Department, and the Humble Gas Transmission Company before taking the assignment of chief engineer of Esso Standard Oil (Australia) Ltd. in Sydney. In Australia he was responsible for planning developments of the newly discovered major offshore oil and gas reserves in the Bass Straits. He was then named manager of the company's Natural Gas Department and was in charge of marketing natural gas in Australia and natural gas liquids throughout the Far East.

In 1975, Mr. Reso moved to London, England as vice-president of Esso Europe and managing director of Esso Petroleum Company, Ltd. In this capacity he was responsible for Exxon Corporation's exploration and production activities in Europe and development of Esso's North Sea oil properties. Returning to the U.S. in 1978, Mr. Reso became one of the youngest persons ever to hold the position of vice-president in the Exxon Corporation. He assumed his current position in July 1981.

For Sid Reso, being senior vice-president and a member of the Management Committee entails having joint responsibility for management of all functions of Exxon's oil, gas, coal, and synthetic fuel business in the U.S.A., and direct responsibility for the expenditure of approximately $2.5 billion per year for the Exxon Company, U.S.A. production organization. A major part of Sid's present activity concerns the extension of production engineering frontier technology to offshore areas in the arctic and in deep water offshore the continental United States.

Throughout his career with Exxon, Mr. Reso has made significant technical contributions to the industry. He is a registered professional engineer. He is recognized both nationally and internationally as an engineer with the highest qualities of managerial and administrative leadership.

During his rise in stature and responsibility, Mr. Reso never lessened his dedication to his profession of engineering or his devotion to learning which began when he was a student at LSU. With equal vigor he has supported advancements in the teaching of engineering, both at the academic and professional levels, and has been a recognized leader in the Society of Petroleum Engineers, encouraging young engineers to enter and actively work in the organization.

Mr. Reso is a member of the LSU Foundation. He is involved in civic and church organizations. He has been active in Junior Achievement, in United Fund Drives, and in both the Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association and the Texas Mid-Continent Oil and Gas Association as a director and executive committee member. Mr. Reso's twenty-six years of professional life have demonstrated that his character, his professional ability, and his contributions to engineering are unparalleled.