Hall of Distinction Class of 1980-1981

The 32-year engineering career of Robert Anding has been a model of success since its inception in 1949. His steady rise to the top of one of the world’s largest corporations is an achievement which can be matched by only a few of the world’s most outstanding and capable professional engineers.

Mr. Anding received his first degree in chemical engineering with honors at LSU in 1948 and attained a master’s degree in chemical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology one year later. The pace of these attainments in the academic area of chemical engineering was to be predictive of his progressive steps through positions in Exxon Corporation. Robert Anding quickly became known as a person of technical skill with the ability to manage people and accomplish objectives and he was promoted rapidly through a series of increasingly prestigious positions at Exxon.

The first Exxon assignments for Mr. Anding included positions in process engineering and petroleum technical serve. In 1963, he was appointed head of the Petroleum Operations Division and in 1964, named manger of Chemical Products. In 1965, when Exxon separated its chemical operations from petroleum operations, Mr. Anding was named the first manager of Exxon Chemical Company U.S.A.’s Baton Rouge Chemical Plant. In 1967 he moved to the domestic company’s New York office as vice-president for Chemicals, and in 1970 was named a senior vice-president.

A major change occurred in Mr. Anding’s career in 1973 when he transferred from Exxon Chemical Company U.S. A. to Exxon Chemical Company’s worldwide organization. During this association he was vice-president for Chemical Raw Materials and later senior vice-president for Exxon Chemical Company.

The 16-plant operation of Essochem Europe, Inc. became Robert Anding’s responsibility in 1977 when he became its president and director. Essochem Europe, as one of the largest chemical companies operating on the continent, has sales of more than $1.8 billion a year and more than 5,600 employees.

Just five short years after being named president of Essochem Europe, Inc., Robert Anding was to attain even higher achievement. In August 1981, he was named president of Exxon Chemical Americas, A capstone of success for a professional engineer. Exxon Chemical Americas is the largest of four regional corporations which make up the Exxon Chemical Company. With sales of $3.5 billion in 1980, Exxon Chemical Americas is among the nations’ largest chemical companies with 19 manufacturing sights and with marketing throughout the U.S. and 25 countries in Latin America.

Throughout his engineering career, Mr. Anding has found time to serve in leadership positions in various industrial, governmental affairs, and community organizations. Every facet of his career has demonstrated the highest order of professionalism and serve. Robert Anding’s success demonstrated the pinnacle achievement possible when outstanding technical knowledge is expertly combined with managerial skills and consideration for humanity.