Hall of Distinction Class of 1980-1981

Murray Rosenthal left LSU in 1949 with a B.S. degree in chemical engineering and the American Chemical Society award for the outstanding undergraduate chemical engineer. The record established in his first degree was to be indicative of achievement in subsequent academic and professional work. He received a Doctor of Science degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1953 and, again, made an excellent record. Dr. Rosenthal’s professional record includes being an outstanding researcher, project manager, and laboratory manager. Since 1974 he has served as associate laboratory director for Advanced Energy Systems at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and often is referred to as a statesman in energy technology.

Dr. Rosenthal joined the staff of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in 1953 where he has had successive assignments of increased responsibility. In addition to his present position as associate laboratory director of Advanced Energy Systems, ORNL Assignments have included research on heat-transfer problems of nuclear reactors, leadership of a nuclear analysis group for the homogeneous reactor, project leadership for an experimental pebble-bed reactor, leadership of research and development planning for the laboratory’s reactor programs, and director of the Molten Salt Reactor Program.

During his association with Oak Ridge National Laboratory Dr. Rosenthal has taken leave to serve as visiting professor of chemical engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and as a technical assistant to the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission in Washington. Dr. Rosenthal also has served on several occasions as a U.S. Delegate to international conferences and meetings on nuclear energy.

The American Nuclear Society has honored Murray Rosenthal by naming him as a fellow. He also has served as a member of the Board of Directors of the ANS and on their Executive Committee.

The success of Dr. Rosenthal’s work has been attributed to his excellence as an engineer, his breadth of knowledge in many areas of research, and his ability as a manager. Eminent authorities have described him as one of the most resourceful and productive chemical engineers in the United States today. He enjoys a national and international reputation as an outstanding leader in the energy field.

It should be noted that in addition to sound knowledge and high ability, Dr. Rosenthal possesses wisdom about the realities, complexities, and potential options of technology in dealing unusual grasp of the humanity of these issues and of the very human institution of political policy. As a consequence of his sensitivity, Dr. Rosenthal exemplifies engineering excellence and effectiveness at its best.