Hall of Distinction Class of 1978-1979

The professional career of Dr. M. F. (Bim) Gautreaux includes academic, design, research, and business achievements and is characterized by quality performance and outstanding success in each sector.

Dr. Gautreaux received the B. S. degree magna cum laude in 1950 and the M. S. in 1951, both from LSU and both in chemical engineering. After four years with the Ethyl Corporation, he returned to LSU for his doctorate which was awarded in 1958. During this period he served as a member of the faculty.

He returned to Ethyl in 1958. His responsibilities increased steadily. He was named vice-president for research and development in 1969. In 1972 he became a member of the Board of Directors, and in 1974 was named senior vice-president, the position he now holds. An excerpt from one of his associates who knows him well, the president of a large corporation, characterizes his performance:

"His contributions to the field of chemical engineering since 1958 have been outstanding. As director and, more recently, senior executive in charge of chemical engineering, research and development, he has pioneered in the addition of a series of new products and remarkable processing innovations."

In 1977, Dr. Gautreaux was elected to membership in the National Academy of Engineering. He has been honored also as the recipient of "Chemical Engineering's" PACE award for personal achievement in chemical engineering and of the Chemical Marketing Research Association's award for outstanding contributions in chemical marketing research.