Hall of Distinction Class of 1978-1979

Dr. Coates received his B.S. in chemical engineering from LSU in 1928, and his M.S. (1932) and Ph.D. (1936) from the University of Michigan.

The greater part of his career, from 1936 until his retirement in 1973, was spent on the faculty of LSU, where the quality and extent of his research and instructional abilities earned him many honors and distinctions as a professor of chemical engineering. He was head of the department from 1955 through 1967 and again during the 1960-70 academic year.

Dr. Coates maintained a high level of professional activity through such organizations as the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, American Chemical Society, American Institute of Chemists, and the Louisiana Engineering Society. He is also a member of numerous honorary societies. He has been active as an officer or through committee work in many of these organizations.

He received a Western Electric award in 1969 for excellence in undergraduate instruction, the same year he was named alumni professor of chemical engineering. In 1973 he received the title of Fellow in the American Institute of Chemical Engineers.

Dr. Coates is a nationally renowned expert in the areas of thermodynamics, distillation, and physical properties of materials. He served as major professor for fourteen doctoral students and numerous masters' candidates; a number of the former were inspired to become teachers. He is the author of approximately 60 papers in the most respected chemical engineering journals.