Hall of Distinction Class of 1992-1993

Elton G. Yates, Senior Vice President of Texaco Inc., was born in Slidell, Louisiana, on July 31, 1935. He graduated from Louisiana State University in 1957 with a bachelor of science degree in petroleum engineering.

Yates joined Texaco in May 1955 working as a roustabout during the summers of 1955 and 1956. In 1957, he started as a petroleum engineer in the company’s Producing Department—Houston Division at Dayton, Texas. After a series of assignments as an area engineer and reservoir engineer in various locations in Texas, he was named District Engineer at Corpus Christi in 1968 and Senior Petroleum Engineer at Bellaire, Texas, in 1970.

In 1971, Yates was transferred to New York as Coordinator in the Producing Department—Eastern Hemisphere, and in 1973 he was named Supervisor Joint Operations—Middle East in that department. On September 1, 1975, he was named Vice President and General Manager of Texaco Iran Ltd. In London, and subsequently, became President and General Manager of Texaco Iran on November 1 of that same year.

Yates returned to New York in April 1977 as Assistant General manager—Middle East in Texaco Inc.’s Producing Department—Eastern Hemisphere, and was named General Manager in that department in November 1978. he was elected Vice President of Texaco Inc. Effective September 1979, and was placed in charge o the Producing Department—Eastern Hemisphere in December 1979. In June 1981, he was given additional responsibilities as President of the newly establish Texaco Oil Trading and Supply Company.

In October 1982, Yates was named President of Texaco Middle East/Far East, the division which holds primary responsibility for Texaco’s producing interests in those areas. Two years later he as named President of Texaco Latin America/West Africa, the division based in Coral Gables, Florida, which is responsible for all petroleum exploration, producing, refining, and marketing in Central America, the Caribbean, South America and West Africa.

Yates was elected a Senior Vice President of Texaco Inc. in 1986 while continuing to serve as President of Texaco Latin America/West Africa.

In January 1987, Yates returned to the executive offices in Harrison where he currently is Chairman of the Operations and Strategy Group with company-wide operations coordination responsibilities, and has oversight responsibilities for the Frontier Exploration Department (FED) ad the Corporate Reserve Group.

Yates is a member of the Board of Directors of numerous Texaco subsidiaries, as well as a member of the 25-YearClube of the Petroleum Industry; the Society of Petroleum Engineers of AIME; and the LSU College of Engineering Dean’s Advisory Council. He is also a Director of the Coast Guard Foundation. Yates has served on the Board of Directors of American Overseas Petroleum Company (AMOSEAS), Caltex Petroleum Company and the Arabian American Oil Company (Aramco).

Mr. Yates is married to the former Jo Ellen Levy of Bogalusa, Louisiana, an LSU graduate, and has three children: Sherlyn, Michele and Steven.