Hall of Distinction Class of 1986-1987

Edmond J. Langhetee, Jr., spent his whole professional career with The Louisiana land and Exploration Company, and the growth and success of his own career during that time matched the growth and success of LL&E.

Mr. Langhetee is a native of New Orleans and an alumnus of LSU’s College of Engineering. After receiving the B.S. degree in petroleum engineering in January 1949, he went to work for The Louisiana Land and Exploration Company, which was then a fairly small land company with limited business interests and some 20 employees. In the next 33 years, Mr. Langhetee rose to vice chairman of the Board of Directors, while LL&E became a large, independent oil company with widely diversified interests and nearly 1000 employees, excluding subsidiaries.

Mr. Langhetee’s career at LL&E was divided between engineering and management. During the first 16 years, he was primarily involved in technical projects, while the reaming 17 years were spent on corporate affairs and governance. At one time or another Mr. Langhetee was responsible fro every operational segment of LL&E, including domestic and overseas oil and gas exploration, production, and acquisition; refining and marketing; real estate development; and the mining and hard minerals programs. As member of upper management, he was also involved in such nontechnical matters as planning, budgeting, and personnel relations.

In 1953, Mr. Langhetee was appointed chief petroleum engineer of LL&E, and he directed the development of their Petroleum engineering Department. In later years, as both his personal career and LL&E's business interests prospered, Mr. Langhetee helped develop LL&E’s scholarship programs and encouraged the company to diversity into industrial real estate, forming the Jacinto port Corporation, an LL&E subsidiary, and serving as its president and director. He later served as chairman, president, and director of LL&E Kaluakoi Corporation, which acquired, developed, and later subdivided a large resort property in Hawaii; and as chairman, president, and as director of LL&E’s Louisiana Land Offshore Exploration Company.
Mr. Langhetee retired as vice chairman and director of LL&E in 1982, and spent three years as chairman of the American Completion and Development Corporation, a company formed to acquire reserves through investment in oil and gas production equipment. Since 1985, he has concentrated on personal business interests, though he continues to use his business acumen as adviser to Online Resource Exchange, Inc., which maintains a nationwide computerized exchange for the acquisition and divestiture of oil and gas reserves.

While his professional career has been a busy one, Mr. Langhetee has also found time to serve his community. He is a member of the LSU Foundation and the LSU Alumni Association. As all four of his children are also LSU graduate (His oldest son is also a petroleum engineer), it’s appropriate that he was a founding member of the LSU Parent’s Association. For 38 years, he has been a member of the Society of Petroleum Engineers and the New Orleans Geological Society. Mr. Langhetee is a registered professional engineer, and a member of the American Petroleum Institute, and an honorary member of Pi Epsilon Tau.

Mr. Langhetee is a former director of the New Orleans Chamber of Commerce, the American Petroleum Institute, and the National Ocean Industries Association. He has also served as president of the Petroleum Club of New Orleans, as a trustee of the New Orleans Chamber of Commerce, and on the New Orleans Area Advisory Board of the Boy Scouts of America.

IN recognition of his many professional achievements and of his service to others, the LSU College of Engineering is please to welcome Edmond J. Langhetee, Jr., to the Engineering Hall of Distinction.