Hall of Distinction Class of 1995-1996

Bruce E. Bernard was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and received his bachelor’s degree in petroleum engineering in 1969 from LSU. He is the president of Pecten International Company, the wholly-owned international exploration and production arm of U.S.-based Shell Oil Company.

Bernard’s twenty-eight year career began in New Orleans as an exploration engineer in Shell’s rapidly growing offshore operations in the Gulf of Mexico. His early career development included field work and exposure to various engineering specialties and the geosciences, with a concentration in reservoir engineering.

In the mid-seventies, he was granted his first leadership position in the Onshore Division Reservoir Engineering Department, in which he was responsible for reserve estimation in the southeastern portion of the U.S. He was given his first assignment in Houston the following year. In Houston, Bernard joined the Corporate Planning Department, where he provided an exploration and production perspective for Shell’s long-term U.S. energy forecast. He evaluated diversification options and was involved in an initiative to present a case in which the U.S. would focus attention on development of offshore oil and gas resources for the reduction of imports in the nineties.

In 1978, the family retuned to New Orleans, as Bernard was appointed development manager in Offshore. Following this position he returned to Houston, where his assignments successively included manager of West Texas Co@, manager of Head Office Central Engineering, and division production manager of the Alaska Production Division.

At the time Bernard served as manager of the Staff Planning Group, the company began taking steps to enable teamwork and professional recognition, placing authority closer to the employees involved in the work process. For the Bernard’s, this brought a new assignment as general manager in Bakersfield, California, the site of Shell’s heavy oil business.

In 1991, he was reassigned to Houston, where he served as vice president of Exploration and Production Technology. In 1995, he assumed his current position. Today, in addition to leading a very competitive and exciting international business, Bernard Is personally involved with Shell Oil Company’s corporate transformation, employee development, leadership, and corporate growth.

Bernard currently serves on the Board of Advisors for the Rehab Mission—Houston. He is an advisory director for Spindletop Internal and a trustee of the Houston Museum of National Sciences. Bernard also serves on the Board and Executive Committee of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE), and is co-chair of the SPE Cultural Diversity taskforce.

Mr. Bernard is married to the former Susan Weaver and they have two lovely daughters, Laurie, age 25, and Becky, age 21. Bruce and Susan currently reside in Houston, Texas.