Frequently Asked Questions

Why has LSU partnered with LoneStar Community College (LSC) and USBI to offer computer science and engineering degrees in Jakarta, Indonesia?

  • A goal of the LSU’s College of Engineering five-year strategic plan, this partnership benefits the College of Engineering and its partners by enhancing our global profile and providing international teaching and learning opportunities to our faculty and students. At the same time, it fills a gap in the education market by responding to the demand for foreign higher education that exists in many parts of the world.

What LSU degrees will be offered?

  • LSU College of Engineering will offer bachelors of science degrees in computer science, electrical, industrial and mechanical engineering.

What types of classes will I need to take to complete my degree?

  • Click here to view the academic flowcharts applicable to your degree.

When will classes be held?

  • LSU engineering classes at USBI will be held on an 8-9 week hybrid delivery platform throughout most of the year. 

Who will teach the LSU engineering classes at USBI?

  • Tenured LSU College of Engineering faculty members will teach computer science and engineering classes on the Sampoerna campus in Jakarta, Indonesia.

What are the enrollment requirements for the program?

  • Students who satisfactorily complete the LSC pre-engineering associate degree program will be granted admission to the LSU engineering programs. 
  • Students must have a minimum 2.5 academic GPA on all transferable college work attempted.

Can LSU students enroll in the USBI program?

  • LSU students are eligible to participate in a study abroad program in Indonesia to earn academic credit applicable towards their degree. LSU students will need to seek approval from their academic counselors and work with the LSU Office of International Programs Abroad. 

What opportunities exist for LSU graduates in Indonesia?

  • As the fourth largest country in the world, Indonesia’s petrochemical industry is expected to expand 30-40 percent in the next 3-5 years. Because of the economic development in the country, there is an increased need for computer science, electrical, industrial and mechanical engineering graduates to fill the workforce gaps.

For further inquiries, please contact LSU College of Engineering Office of Student Services by email at lsujakarta@eng.lsu.edu.